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IFRS® Accounting Standards

Crypto-asset Activities


Given the growth of institutional participation, the continued maturity of the crypto ecosystem, and recent cessation of several entities involved in crypto-asset activities around the world, the Accounting Standards Board (AcSB) has decided to undertake research associated with the accounting for and disclosure of crypto-asset activities.

Canadians have also expressed concerns regarding gaps in the current accounting. Their concerns also extend to the potential that these gaps may increase as the crypto-asset ecosystem further evolves and the number of unaddressed crypto-asset related accounting issues in current IFRS® Accounting Standards grows.

The AcSB’s objective is to incite dialogue, educate, and influence international accounting standard setting on this topic.

Staff Contact(s)

Jayshal Rajendra Daya, CPA, CA Principal, Accounting Standards Board

Matthew Bishop, CPA, CA Principal, Accounting Standards Board

Project Status

  • Information gathering

    The AcSB is conducting research to help it further develop its understanding of crypto-asset activities in Canada and around the world

  • Approving project
  • Engaging Communities
  • Deliberating feedback
  • Final pronouncement

Crypto-asset Research and Resources

Read about our research in this space and other relevant publications made available by the Board.


July 25, 2023


Crypto-asset Research and Resources

The AcSB is performing research to better understand and consider accounting for crypto-asset activities. The goal of our research is to identify what constitutes decision-useful information to financial statement users. Read about how we plan to bring awareness to crypto-asset accounting issues and advance evidence-informed standard setting conversations on this topic. Our first paper, “Accounting for Crypto-asset Activities: Crypto-asset Holdings – Payment Tokens,” is out now.

Meeting & event summaries

July 13, 2023

AcSB Decision Summary – June 21-22, 2023

The AcSB approved its “Accounting for Crypto-asset Activities: Crypto-asset Holdings – Payment Tokens” paper for issuance.

The AcSB discussed an outline of a research proposal on crypto-asset activities that seeks to identify whether there are broader issues with the current accounting for crypto-asset activities and whether those issues are leading to information in financial statements that is not decision-useful. The Board also thinks crypto assets could be used as an example to illustrate any potential issues with intangibles that are held for capital appreciation. The Board will review the research findings throughout the project and consider next steps. The Board may also use this research to inform future international discussions on intangibles, given the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) has a research pipeline project on Intangible Assets.


This project summary has been prepared for information purposes only. Decisions reported are tentative and reflect only the current status of discussions on this project, which may change after further Board deliberations. Decisions to publish Handbook material are final only after a formal voting process.