Academic Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Academic Advisory Committee is to ensure that the AcSB is fully informed of academic research in areas relevant to setting accounting standards, and that academic research programs benefiting the standard-setting process are developed on a timely basis.

Agriculture Advisory Group

The Agriculture Advisory Group provides advice to the AcSB on its project to develop authoritative guidance related to the accounting for biological assets and agricultural produce.

IFRS® Discussion Group

The IFRS® Discussion Group is a regular public forum to discuss issues that arise in Canada when applying IFRS® Standards. The IFRS Discussion Group’s mandate was expanded to include assisting the Board in influencing the development of IFRS Standards (for example, providing advice on potential changes to IFRS Standards).

IFRS Interpretations Committee Member Support Group

The IFRS Interpretations Committee Member Support Group supports the Canadian member(s) of the IASB’s IFRS Interpretations Committee (IFRIC) by providing Canadian views, insights, analysis and background on implementation issues.

Insurance Transition Resource Group

The AcSB Insurance Transition Resource Group assists with the implementation of IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts in Canada and discusses implementation issues arising in Canada, including issues for which it has received submissions from the public.

Not-For-Profit Advisory Committee

The Not-for-Profit Advisory Committee acts in an advisory capacity to the AcSB and assists the AcSB in maintaining and improving accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations in the private sector.

Private Enterprise Advisory Committee

The Private Enterprise Advisory Committee assists the AcSB in maintaining and improving accounting standards for private enterprises.

User Advisory Committee

The User Advisory Committee helps to increase financial statement user participation in the accounting standard-setting process. The objective of accounting standards is to meet the needs of users of financial statements by providing the information they require to make informed decisions.