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The Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB) established the Public Sector Accounting Discussion Group as a regular public forum at which issues relating to public sector financial reporting can be discussed.

Staff Contact(s)

Martha Jones Denning, CPA, CA

Principal, Public Sector Accounting Board

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The purpose of the Group is to assist PSAB regarding issues arising on the application of the CPA Canada Public Sector Accounting (PSA) Handbook, as well as other issues of concern with respect to public sector financial reporting, including emerging issues and any issues on which PSAB seeks advice. However, the Group will not issue pronouncements, other communications, or offer interpretations of standards. The Group will also gather information in order to advise PSAB on priorities and possible agenda items for its consideration.


The Discussion Group expects to meet two times a year. The Discussion Group will consider the need for a third meeting if a high volume of submissions is received. A summary of the discussions will be published following meetings.

Members of the public are encouraged to submit issues for consideration by the Group. 

The public is invited to observe the discussion of items on the agenda. Information on how to register as an observer and meetings dates are provided here.


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June 4, 2018 PSA Discussion Group – Report on June 4, 2018 Livestreamed Meeting

Read the report for details about the discussions at the Group’s most recent meeting, including PSAB’s conceptual framework and reporting model proposals, and PSAB’s decision model for choosing a new international strategy.

November 17, 2017 PSA Discussion Group – Report on November 17, 2017 Livestreamed Meeting

Read the report for details about the discussions at the Group’s most recent meeting, including green infrastructure and social impact bonds.

March 15, 2017 PSA Discussion Group – Report on March 15, 2017 Meeting

Read the report for details about the discussions at the Group’s most recent meeting.

Members and Participants

The Group consists of:

  • a Chair; and
  • individuals with a range of backgrounds and experience, including preparers, users and auditors of government and government organization financial reports prepared in accordance with the PSA Handbook. 

Members have an in-depth knowledge of the PSA Handbook and are aware of the challenges that application of PSA Handbook standards are creating in public sector financial reporting.

To allow for a rotation amongst its membership, the initial members will be appointed for two- and three-year terms. Appointments made in subsequent years will generally be for a three-year term. 

In addition to members, PSAB’s Chair and the Director, Public Sector Accounting, attend the Group’s meetings. Others may be invited to participate in meetings on an ad hoc basis to contribute to discussions on particular issues. An individual who submits an issue can participate in the Group’s discussion of that issue.

Andrew Newman

Ottawa, ON


City of Regina
Regina, SK

Caroline Davis

Kingston, ON

Christopher Bayda

Ministry of Finance of Saskatchewan
Regina, SK

Desiree Kennedy

City of Kingston
Kingston, ON

Marie-Soleil Tremblay

École nationale d'administration publique
Québec, QC

Martin Boucher

Montréal, QC

Michael McIntyre

Membertou First Nation
Sydney, NS

Robert Siddall

Toronto, ON

Stuart Barr

Office of the Auditor General of Canada
Ottawa, ON

Suzie Gignac

Ernst & Young
Ottawa, ON

Martha Denning

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada
Toronto, ON
Staff Contact

Russ Jones

Office of the Auditor General of British Columbia
Victoria, BC

Rod Monette

Toronto, ON
Honorary Member