Public Sector Accounting Standards


Active Projects

2019-2020 Annual Improvements

PSAB discussed the issues that will be included in the 2019-2020 Annual Improvements Exposure Draft in September 2019.

Concepts Underlying Financial Performance

PSAB is deliberating the feedback received on the Statement of Concepts and Statement of Principles.

As it deliberates the feedback, PSAB is developing two exposure drafts (one for a revised conceptual framework and one for a revised reporting model) with two accompanying basis for conclusions documents and the resulting consequential amendments.

PSAB expects to issue the two exposure drafts and accompanying documents in 2020.

Employment Benefits

Responses to the three Invitations to Comment to be discussed in 2019

Financial Instruments – Narrow Scope Amendments

The Financial Instruments – Federal Government Narrow Scope Amendments Exposure Draft issued in Q1 2020

Government Not-for-Profit Strategy

PSAB is deliberating the feedback received on the Exposure Draft

Narrow Scope Amendment – Purchased Intangibles

PSAB is deliberating the feedback received on the Exposure Draft. The Board will consider next steps in the project at its June and September 2020 meetings.

Public Private Partnerships

The Exposure Draft is available for comment until February 29, 2020

Review of International Strategy

PSAB reviewing feedback from Consultation Paper 2

CPA Canada Handbook

The CPA Canada Public Sector Accounting Handbook contains all the public sector accounting standards, set by PSAB. Its available in print and online. 


March 30, 2020 News
PSAB Meeting Agenda – Date to be determined

Given the unprecedented global challenges related to COVID-19, PSAB has made the decision to postpone its March 2020 Board meeting to a later date. PSAB is in the process of rescheduling its meeting. Information on the rescheduled meeting will be shared when it’s available.

December 12-13, 2019 Meeting Summary
PSAB Decision Summary – December 12-13, 2019

At its recent meeting, the Board discussed, reviewed, and made decisions on number of topics, including the International Strategy, Conceptual Framework and Reporting Model, Financial Instruments Narrow Scope Amendments, and Annual Improvements. Read the Decision Summary for full details.

November 28, 2019 News
Update – Revisiting PSAB’s Employment Benefits Project

PSAB has decided to revisit our Employment Benefits project by reviewing the project plan and scope. Read this article to find out why, and what’s next for our stakeholders.