Accounting Standards for Private Sector Not-for-Profit Organizations

Plain Language Resources


April 1, 2019


AcSB Annual Plan – 2019-2020

This Annual Plan sets out the Board’s key activities in 2019-2020, helping to achieve the objectives in its five-year Strategic Plan.

March 15, 2019


One-page Summary – The Framework for Reporting Performance Measures

Read this summary for an overview of the type of guidance in the Framework and to learn why all parities in financial reporting need get involved!

March 15, 2019


Video – The Framework for Reporting Performance Measures

Watch this easy-to-understand video to learn why the AcSB developed the Framework and how it can help you! Join this initiative by taking steps to improve the quality of performance measures reported by for-profit and not-for-profit entities.

February 15, 2019


A Podcast Series – AcSB in Conversation

Listen to members of the AcSB discuss key topics relevant to IFRS Standards, Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises, and Not-for-Profit Organizations. Discussions also include updates on the AcSB’s current projects and its many activities.

October 23, 2018


Webinar – AcSB Domestic Standards Update

Are you a Canadian private enterprise or not-for-profit organization, an advisor to one, or a user of financial reports? Learn about upcoming and future changes to Part II and Part III of the CPA Canada Handbook. Tune in on October 30, 2018 (French) or October 31, 2018 (English).

August 27, 2018


Webinar – ASPE Exposure Draft on Agriculture

Learn about the AcSB’s proposals and how they will affect the financial reporting of agricultural producers applying Part II of the Handbook. Tune in on September 17, 2018 (English) or October 2, 2018 (French).

March 1, 2018

Basis for Conclusions

Basis for Conclusions — Accounting Standards Improvements for Not-for-Profit Organizations

This document sets out how the Board reached its conclusions, and includes discussion of significant matters arising from comments received and issues raised in response to its Exposure Draft.

February 27, 2018


In Brief – Results of Stakeholder Survey on Section 3400

In Brief is a new resource that provides a plain and simple overview on technical topics. Read the Board’s In Brief for an overview of what stakeholders think about the existing Section 3400, Revenue, in the CPA Canada Handbook - Accounting.

December 11, 2017


Webinar – Not-for-Profit Accounting Update

Do you represent or advise a Canadian not-for-profit organization, or are you a user of not-for-profit entities’ financial reports? If so, get to know the latest financial reporting developments that may change your financial statements. Tune in on January 23 (English) or January 24 (French).