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Due Process

The AASB Standard-Setting Due Process Manual outlines our rigorous set of procedures to develop and adopt standards.

Our due process is based on the following principles:

  • Transparency: conducting our standard-setting process in a transparent manner.
  • Consultation: considering the perspectives of those affected by Canadian assurance standards.
  • Accountability: ensuring that obligations to interested and affected parties are met.
  • Objectivity: ensuring AASB members remain independent from special interest groups, political pressures and personal interests.

Different Approaches to Standards

The AASB follows different approaches depending on whether it is: 

  • adopting an international standard concurrently with the IAASB, such as an International Standard on Auditing or an International Standard on Quality Management; or 
  • developing a standard that is not adopted from an international standard, which means developing a Canadian standard.