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Submit an Issue to the IFRS® Accounting Standards Discussion Group

Members of the public are encouraged to submit issues for possible consideration by the Accounting Standard Board’s (AcSB) IFRS® Accounting Standards Discussion Group.

For an issue to be considered for a meeting, it must be submitted, in writing, six weeks prior to an upcoming meeting. If a submission is received less than six weeks prior to an upcoming meeting, it will be considered for the Group’s next scheduled meeting.

Submission Requirements

  • Identify the issue in two sentences or less.
  • Describe current or emerging Canadian accounting practices, outlining:
    • the major alternatives;
    • the relevant IFRS Accounting Standards; and
    • any influences on the practices that might be unique to Canada, including regulatory or legislative requirements.
  • Explain how the issue meets the Group’s agenda criteria:
    • Does the issue arise from the application of IFRS Accounting Standards in Canada?
    • Is the issue widespread in Canada (i.e., either widespread within an industry or across various industries)?
    • Is there divergent practice, or the potential for divergent practice, within Canada?

The AcSB staff will contact the submitter no later than two weeks before the meeting to advise whether the issue has been selected for discussion. The individual submitting the issue will have the right to participate, or appoint a representative to participate, in the discussion of that issue at the Group meeting. If specifically requested, the submitter may remain anonymous.


Jamie Goodman, CPA, CA
Principal, Accounting Standards Board
Phone no.: +1 (416) 204-3294 
Email: [email protected]