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Wayne Morgan


Wayne Morgan
Location: Edmonton
Appointed: April 1, 2019
Term Expires: March 31, 2025

Wayne is Professional Practice Leader at the Office of the Auditor General of Alberta. Wayne’s responsibilities include developing audit methodology, tools and guidance for financial statement audit and performance audit, consulting with audit teams on complex assurance and accounting matters, and representing the Office on various CCOLA working groups. Wayne serves as a member of the Office’s Quality Oversight Committee. As a principal, he led the audit of the Province of Alberta’s consolidated financial statements and was also the auditor of various ministries. 

Wayne was in public practice with KPMG Calgary, where he provided assurance and advisory services to clients, and KPMG New York, where he worked on global audit methodology and audit research. 

Wayne graduated from University of Saskatchewan in 1995 with a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Computer Science. He also has his PhD in Business from the University of Alberta. His thesis examined accounting and public policy.