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Jon Mitchell


Location: Calgary, Alberta

Photo of Jon Mitchell

Jon Mitchell is the Vice-President of Sustainability at Suncor where he leads a team accountable for the development, stewardship, and integration of sustainability into Suncor’s strategy. He is responsible for driving Suncor’s sustainability performance, managing strategic sustainability issues, advancing key influencer collaboration, and developing leading environment, social and governance (ESG) practices.

Jon has lectured on sustainability and climate issues, regularly speaks on the energy transition, and is a member of several Advisory Boards, including the Energy Futures Lab. Throughout his career Jon has had the privilege of advising industry and government on how to establish and sustain climate leadership among energy-producing jurisdictions; how to steward air, land, and water resources; best practices on ESG disclosure; and where to invest in clean innovation.

Jon holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree from The University of Guelph and a Master of Environmental Design (Environmental Science) from The University of Calgary. He has worked in the environment, climate, and sustainability fields for over 25 years.