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The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) Leadership Meet with Accounting Standards Board (AcSB) in Toronto

February 16, 2023 News, Article, Resource

The Accounting Standards Board (AcSB) welcomed International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) Chair, Andreas Barckow, and Vice-Chair, Linda Mezon-Hutter, to its February 15, 2023 board meeting in Toronto.

Discussions centered on the IASB’s work plan including Financial Instruments with Characteristics of Equity (FICE), rate-regulated activities, extractive activities, climate-related disclosures, and other topics of importance such as crypto assets.

Andreas Barckow said: “It was a productive meeting with the AcSB discussing projects that the IASB is working on and subject matter where we are monitoring developments and getting a Canadian perspective on them. It is important we continue to work closely with the AcSB, and indeed other national standard-setters, to ensure IFRS Accounting Standards continue to be a global standard in financial reporting.” 

AcSB representatives with IASB leadership, from L to R: Michel Charbonneau, CPA, CPA (IL), Charles Henaire, FCPA, FCA, Howard Leung, CPA, CA, CFA, Armand Capisciolto, AcSB Interim Chair and FCPA, FCA, Linda Mezon-Hutter, IASB Vice-Chair, Andreas Barckow, IASB Chair, Lawrence Smith, CFA, Guy Jones, FCPA, FCA

This visit also marked former AcSB Chair, Linda Mezon-Hutter’s return to an AcSB meeting in her new role as IASB Vice-Chair.

“It was great to meet with Armand and AcSB members in my new role as IASB Vice-Chair, said Linda Mezon-Hutter. “It is vital to retain our relationship with Canadian stakeholders and I am pleased to be able to use my experience at the AcSB to really ensure that the IASB makes key decisions with jurisdictions in mind.” 

Said interim AcSB Chair, Armand Capisciolto, “We were delighted to have spent quality time with Andreas and Linda in Toronto. As a national standard setter, we value our relationship with the international board. We continue to be focused on contributing to the IASB’s work by ensuring the perspectives and needs of the Canadian financial reporting community members are heard and understood.”

The IASB leadership team met with other organizations in Toronto during its two-day visit. They are attending the inaugural IFRS Sustainability Symposium in Montreal taking place today and tomorrow, and meeting with other groups.

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Daniella Girgenti, CMP® Director, Communications