Calling all Millennials! Volunteer Opportunity – Public Sector Accounting Discussion Group Needs You

Calling all Millennials! Volunteer Opportunity – The Public Sector Accounting Discussion Group Needs You

Do you want to help increase the accountability value of public sector financial reporting in Canada?

Do you want to serve the public interest?

The Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB) is committed to ensuring diversity and a broad experience is represented on its committees. We are currently looking for millennial generation representation on our Public Sector Accounting (PSA) Discussion Group with expertise in public sector accounting.

We are in the midst of our 2017-2021 Strategic Plan, which includes some major initiatives to set the stage for public sector financial reporting in Canada for years to come. They include:

  • Finalizing a forward-looking conceptual framework, to update the foundations that underlie public sector standard setting and financial reporting.
  • Reviewing our approach to International Public Sector Accounting Standards, considering ways to leverage those standards to improve public sector financial reporting in Canada.
  • Continuously enhancing stakeholder participation, support and acceptance of our standards, including through the livestreaming of the PSA Discussion Group meetings.
  • Implementing a public sector not-for-profit organization strategy that is in the public interest.

Our Strategic Plan is ambitious, with the decisions PSAB needs to make impacting the future of public sector accounting in Canada.

We need you

This critical period needs the support of diverse and cross-generational voices, broad experience, and representations from across the country.

We need the voice of our millennial stakeholders to be better represented on PSAB’s committees and are recruiting new members for the PSA Discussion Group.


We are looking for:

  • academics;
  • auditors;
  • financial statement preparers;
  • government not-for-profit sector professionals;
  • finance officials from all levels of government; and
  • many others.

Attributes of all candidates should include:

  • an understanding of public sector accounting standards and a willingness to explore them further;
  • a clear interest in becoming a leader within the public sector;
  • a strong public interest perspective;
  • sufficient time and scheduling flexibility; and
  • the ability to work collaboratively to reach a consensus in order to develop high-quality standards.
  • Time: This demanding but rewarding volunteer role involves a time commitment of approximately 40 hours per year including preparation and meeting time.
  • Location: The PSA Discussion Group normally meets in person in Toronto.
  • Frequency: The PSA Discussion Group meets normally two times per year and its meetings are livestreamed.
  • Terms: Volunteers are generally appointed for three-year terms.
  • Language: Our working language is English.
  • Compensation: These are volunteer positions. Travel and other relevant costs are reimbursed in accordance with CPA Canada’s travel policies.

Apply today!

Submit your resumes by August 30, 2019.