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Media Release – Canadian Sustainability Standards Board Implementation Committee Members Appointed

October 6, 2022 News, Sustainability

TORONTO, ON. The Implementation Committee for the Canadian Sustainability Standards Board (CSSB) is now operational, with 13 newly appointed members working to develop the initial institutional structure for the CSSB. 

Set to be operational by April 1, 2023, the CSSB’s formation was announced by Canada’s accounting and auditing standards oversight councils in June 2022 following a recommendation by the Independent Review Committee on Standard Setting in Canada (IRCSS), which is currently conducting a review of the governance and structure for establishing Canadian accounting, auditing, and assurance standards, as well as what might be needed for the future – such as sustainability standards.

The Implementation Committee members include co-chairs from the oversight councils, additional member representation from each council, and sustainability subject matter experts from across the country.

Staff Contact(s)

Daniella Girgenti, CMP® Director, Communications

Members of the Implementation Committee for the Canadian Sustainability Standards Board

  • Lorraine Moore, MBA, ICD.D – President, Accelerate Success Group (Co-Chair)
  • Kevin Nye, MBA – President, KGN Consulting (Co-Chair)
  • George Addy, LLB, ICD.D – Senior Counsel, Davies Law Firm
  • Donna Bovolaneas, FCPA, FCA – Independent Director
  • Katie Dunphy, GCB.D – Partner, ESG KPMG in Canada
  • Deidre Henne, CPA, MBA, CA – Chief Financial Officer & Assistant Vice President, McMaster University
  • Michael Jacobs, ICD.D – CEO, Cambium Indigenous Professional Services
  • Sarah Keyes, CPA, CA – CEO, ESG Global Advisors Inc.
  • Dr. Sandip Lalli, FCPA, ICD.D – Chief Strategy and Financial Officer, GuestTek Interactive 
  • Fred Pries, PhD, FCPA, FCA – Associate Professor Emeritus, Department of Business, University of Guelph
  • Susan Todd, MRM, CPA, CA – President, Solstice Sustainability Works 
  • Miville Tremblay, MBA, CFA, ICD.D – Board member, Autorité des marchés financiers du Québec
  • Grant Vingoe, JD, LL.M. – CEO, Ontario Securities Commission

“A key part of the Committee’s mandate is to establish the new board’s governance and due process considerations,” explains Kevin Nye, current Auditing and Assurance Standards Oversight Council Chair and Implementation Committee Co-Chair. 

“Like Canada’s existing standard-setting boards, a robust structure to support the development of sustainability standards is critical to adoption,” adds Lorraine Moore, current Accounting Standards Oversight Council Chair and Implementation Committee Co-Chair.

The Committee will also lead the recruitment for the CSSB’s chair and members in Fall 2022. 

Following these appointments, the Implementation Committee will also provide transitional oversight to the CSSB until a permanent decision is made – overseeing and providing input into the activities of the board.