Overview of the 2017 IFRS® Conference: Americas – November 1-2, 2017

November 1, 2017 News

The 2017 IFRS Conference: Americas took place on November 1-2, 2017 in Toronto, playing host to over 100 participants from Canada, the U.S. and South America.

With our strong presence on the international stage, the Accounting Standards Board (AcSB) is proud to have played a role in securing the conference in Canada this year. Jointly presented by CPA Canada and the IFRS Foundation, the event included critical insights into the latest IFRS Standards updates, networking opportunities with business leaders and International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) members, and opportunities to learn more about the future of financial reporting around the global.

Key themes from the conference’s many panels, presentations and workshops included non-GAAP measures and better communication in financial reporting.

Panel Discussion: IASB Chair, U.S. FASB Chair and Canadian AcSB Chair

One of the most anticipated sessions included Linda Mezon, Chair of Canada's Accounting Standards Board. Linda took part in a panel discussion on "IFRS Standards, U.S. GAAP and the future of corporate reporting," along with Hans Hoogervorst, IASB Chairman, and Russell Golden, Chairman, U.S. Financial Accounting Standards Board; and moderated by Mary Tokar, IASB Member.

Watch the video to hear the discussion on the global financial reporting landscape, how the world has changed in recent years, the future for US/IFRS convergence, and how financial accounting fits with a broader reporting framework.

2017 IFRS Conference: Americas – Photo slideshow

Speakers included:

  • Patrina Buchanan, IASB Associate Technical Director
  • Armand Capisciolto, AcSB Member and BDO Partner
  • Stephenie Fox, Vice President, Financial Reporting & Assurance Standards Canada
  • Lara Gaede, AcSB Member and Chief Accountant, Alberta Securities Commission
  • Russell Golden, U.S. Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Chairman
  • Karen Higgins, AcSB Vice Chair and Deloitte Senior Partner
  • Hans Hoogervorst, IASB Chairman
  • Guy Jones, IFRS Discussion Group Vice Chair and EY Partner
  • Gary Kabureck, IASB Member
  • Linda Mezon, Accounting Standards Board (AcSB) Chair
  • Andrea Pryde, IASB Associate Technical Director
  • Tom Scott, IASB Member
  • Mary Tokar, IASB Member
  • Rebecca Villmann, AcSB Staff Director