AcSB Meeting – May 15, 2019

Meeting Details


May 15, 2019


9:00 am - 5:00 pm ET


Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada
277 Wellington Street West
Toronto ON M5V 3H2

Staff Contact(s)

Ingrid McDonald, CPA, CA

Principal, Accounting Standards Board

The topics the Accounting Standards Board (AcSB) plans to discuss, in addition to routine updates, and anticipated actions, if any, are outlined below. Although current at the date prepared (April 10, 2018), this agenda is subject to change.

IFRS® Standards

Insurance Contracts

  • Receive an update on IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts implementation issues.

Standards for Private Enterprises


  • Consider remaining issues arising from feedback on the Board’s Exposure Draft, Agriculture and review a draft of the final standard.

Employee Future Benefits

  • Discuss and approve the contents of an exposure draft related to the use of a funding valuation.

Standards for Not-for-Profit Organizations


  • Consider feedback from the Board’s Not-for-Profit Advisory Committee and discuss contents of the draft exposure draft.
  • Consider aspects unique to Not-for-Profit Organizations when applying the acquisition method.

Contributions – Revenue Recognition and Related Matters

  • Consider feedback from the Board’s Not-for-Profit Advisory Committee and make preliminary decisions on questions to be included in the Consultation Paper for topics not previously discussed.

Pre-changeover Accounting Standards

  • Decide on a plan to remove Part V – Pre-changeover accounting standards from the CPA Canada Handbook – Accounting.

Enhancing the Relevance of Financial Reporting

Due Process

  • Receive feedback on recent meetings of the Board’s Not-for-Profit Advisory Committee and Private Enterprises Advisory Committee.
  • Discuss the location for where non-authoritative guidance, including the IASB’s Materiality Practice Statement, will be made available to Canadian stakeholders.
  • Approve a proposed update to the Accounting Standards Oversight Council on the Board’s application of due process.

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