Volunteer Opportunity – Be part of a new standards setting initiative to enhance the audit evidence we obtain

Help us address the challenges related to Audit Evidence in today’s world, including those driven by changes in technology, the application of professional skepticism, and the growing number of information sources available to auditors.


Canadian Auditing Standard (CAS) 500, Audit Evidence, was issued in 2009. The audit environment has changed significantly since this standard was issued. When the IAASB asked stakeholders about the growing use of technology in audit and enhancing audit quality, questions were raised around the world about the reliability of underlying information and the impact of technology on audit evidence. These changes in the audit environment are prompting us to ask, in today’s world:

  • What qualifies as audit evidence?
  • What makes audit evidence reliable?
  • How much audit evidence is needed?
  • How is professional skepticism applied and demonstrated, especially when evidence is inconsistent or contradictory?


In September 2019, the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB) plans to discuss, and if appropriate, approve a project to explore and respond to the issues arising from technology in conjunction with issues related to audit evidence. In anticipation of the IAASB initiating an active project to revise ISA 500, the Canadian Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (AASB) is forming an Advisory Group to provide input about the Canadian experience.

The results of the Advisory Group meetings will provide critical input to the AASB as the Board monitors the International project related to Audit Evidence.

Responsibilities of the Advisory Group

The Advisory Group will assist AASB staff in:

  • bringing their Canadian perspective to issues;
  • reacting to international materials as they evolve; and
  • providing input on Canadian consultations.

Composition of the Advisory Group

We are looking for a cross-section of members including:

  • auditors from large firm practices;
  • auditors from small to medium-sized firm practices;
  • auditors in the public sector; and
  • representatives from the academic community.

Applicants having familiarity with new information sources used in the audit evidence gathering process and experience with the challenges of using automated tools as part of the audit will be given preference.


The project is anticipated to commence in early September 2019. The exact duration of the project is unknown. Successful applicants are asked for a minimum commitment of two years.

We anticipate that in the first year, there will be approximately four to five meetings conducted via conference call, and each meeting will be approximately three hours in length. The annual time commitment is estimated at 40-60 hours, and the time required to prepare for meetings will vary by individual and the nature and extent of topics on the agenda for a given meeting.

Conference call dates in advance of IAASB meetings in 2020/2021 will be scheduled toward the end of 2019. Timing of meetings is dependent on members’ availability.

The working language of the Advisory Group will be English.

For more information, contact

Andrea Lee, Principal, Auditing and Assurance Standards

Apply today!

Submit your resume by August 31, 2019.