Virtual Roundtable Discussions – Stakeholder views needed on the new proposed standard for Agreed-upon Procedures Engagements – English

Meeting Details


January 22, 2019


9:00 – 10:30 EST


Video Conference

Staff Contact(s)

Chi Ho Ng, CPA, CA

Principal, Auditing and Assurance Standards Board


Please note: Registration will be closed one week prior to the respective roundtable.

Share Your Views

The Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (AASB) invites you to attend a roundtable discussion to talk about the new Exposure Draft, Agreed-upon Procedures Engagements.

This Exposure Draft outlines a proposed new standard to replace the existing Sections:

  • Section 9100, Reports on the Results of Applying Specified Auditing Procedures to Financial Information Other than Financial Statements; and
  • Section 9110, Agreed-upon Procedures Regarding Internal Control over Financial Reporting.

Why You Should Attend

The proposed standard covers agreed-upon procedures (AUP) engagements on any financial and non-financial subject matters.

It enhances many aspects of an AUP engagement, including:

  • clarifying the role of professional judgment in an AUP engagement;
  • clarifying what constitutes appropriate terminology for describing procedures and findings in an AUP report;
  • addressing the use of a practitioner’s expert in an AUP engagement; and
  • clarifying that the AUP report may be provided to a party that is not a signatory to the engagement agreement.

Attend a roundtable discussion to:

  • understand the proposals;
  • express your views; and
  • ask questions.

Your input will inform the AASB as it determines what further changes are needed to ensure the standard is both robust and workable in practice.

Who Should Attend

The roundtable discussions are open to all.

We are very interested in hearing from practitioners who perform AUP engagements, users of AUP reports such as regulators and funding bodies, entities that engage practitioners to perform AUP engagements and all other interested stakeholders.

How to Prepare for the Roundtable

To prepare for the session, please read the Exposure Draft.

Keep up to date via the project page, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.