Volunteer Opportunities – Concepts Underlying Financial Performance Task Force

The Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB) is currently seeking three new members for its

Concepts Underlying Financial Performance Task Force.

This Task Force is currently working on the Concepts Underlying Financial Performance project.  The objective of the project is to review and revise, as necessary, the conceptual framework and reporting model for the Canadian public sector.

The Task Force is currently developing two documents for comment expected to be issued in 2018.

Why PSAB is Recruiting

Task Force members typically do not retire from their position until the project they’re working on is done. However, the Concepts Underlying Financial Performance Task Force has seen some early member retirements due to those individuals’ circumstances.

To continue moving the project forward efficiently and effectively, and to ensure Task Force members continue to broadly reflect PSAB’s stakeholder community, we are recruiting for three vacancies.

Who PSAB Is Looking For

PSAB is looking for experienced individuals with the vision to anticipate the implications of the work being done, and a deep understanding of public sector accounting concepts and financial reporting issues.

We are seeking Task Force members who bring the perspective needed to explore the broad range of issues included in the project mandate. Specifically, we are seeking the following:

  • a financial statement preparer from a local government;
  • a chief financial officer of a government not-for-profit organization; and
  • a senior auditor from a public accounting firm. 

Task Force members serve as individuals, not as a representative of their government or organization.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be applied to select Task Force members:

  • commitment to PSAB objectives;
  • technical knowledge;
  • relevant experience;
  • ability to consider the practical aspects of issues being considered; and
  • ability to build consensus and influence adoption of the standard.

Time Commitment

This demanding, but professionally rewarding, volunteer role involves a time commitment of approximately 125 hours a year for preparation and meetings.

Task Force members normally meet in person in Ottawa or by conference call at various stages throughout the project. The next Task Force meeting is November 2-3, 2017.

How to Apply

To apply, submit a resumé to Antonella Risi, at arisi@psabcanada.ca, by September 22, 2017.