Standards for Public Sector Entities


PSA Discussion Group Meeting Agenda – November 17, 2017 LIVESTREAMED!
October 20, 2017. The Group will discuss a number of topics, including Implications of Compliance-type Audit Reports for Public Sector GAAP, Green Infrastructure, and Social Impact Bonds. Attend in person or register to participate via livestream.

Webinar – Invitation to Comment on Employment Benefits Discount Rate Guidance
October 6, 2017. Tune in to this webinar on January 16, 2018 (English) or January 17, 2018 (French) to learn about the key features of PSAB’s Invitation to Comment, “Employment Benefits: Discount Rate Guidance in Section PS 3250.”

Public Sector Conference – October 23-24, 2017
October 3, 2017. Hear about the important issues and trends public sector financial professionals need to know. PSAB representatives are set to take the stage during the two-day conference in Ottawa, including Charles-Antoine St-Jean (Chair), Kim MacPherson (Member and Asset Retirement Obligations Task Force Chair) and Michael Puskaric (staff director).

In Brief – Statement of Principles: Public Private Partnerships
September 28, 2017. In Brief is a new resource that provides a plain and simple overview on technical topics. Read the inaugural In Brief for an overview of the key principles developed in PSAB’s recently released Statement of Principles, Public Private Partnerships.

New! Honourary Member – Public Sector Accounting Discussion Group
September 26, 2017  To recognize his leadership in establishing the Group in 2013, PSAB has invited recently retired PSAB Chair Rod Monette to be the first honourary Group member. This honourary membership will be reserved for each immediate past-Chair of PSAB.

IPSASB Consultation Paper – Accounting for Revenue and Non-exchange Expenses
September 19, 2017. IPSASB has issued a Consultation Paper that discusses various recognition approaches, implementation and measurement issues for revenue and non-exchange expenses. Canadian stakeholders are encouraged to provide their comments to IPSASB by January 15, 2018.

PSAB Meeting Agenda – September 21-22, 2017
September 7, 2017. At its upcoming meeting, the Board will be discussing a number of topics including, Concepts Underlying Financial Performance, Employment Benefits, Financial instruments and International Strategy.

PSAB Financial Instruments Update – Respond to IPSASB Exposure Draft 62, Financial Instruments
August 24, 2017. Read this update on why PSAB is considering the IPSASB’s financial instruments standard to address current Canadian hedge accounting issues. We encourage stakeholders to respond to the IPSASB exposure draft by December 31, 2017.

Volunteer Opportunities – Concepts Underlying Financial Performance Task Force
August 24, 2017. PSAB is currently seeking new members for its Concepts Underlying Financial Performance Task Force, a committee dedicated to supporting the review and revision of the conceptual framework and reporting model for the Canadian public sector. If you are interested, please submit a resumé by September 22, 2017.

Public Sector Accounting Discussion Group – New Mandate
August 23, 2017. At its June meeting, PSAB approved an updated mandate that would allow the Group to discuss emerging issues and other public sector financial reporting issues, in addition to issues of application of the PSA Handbook. The Group is currently accepting submissions for its November 17, 2017 meeting.

New Online Submission Form – Submit an Issue to the PSA Discussion Group
August 22, 2017. The PSA Discussion Group is testing a new online submission form for our stakeholders to easily submit issues for us to discuss. Read more about this new process and ensure you submit your issues by September 15, 2017 for our next meeting, which takes place on November 17.

NEW! Livestreaming – Public Sector Accounting Discussion Group November 17, 2017 Meeting
August 2, 2017. Attend the upcoming PSA Discussion Group meeting in person, or now, virtually! Virtual observers will be able to see and hear the discussion in real-time along with in-person observers. Register as an observer now; spaces are limited!

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