Concepts Underlying Financial Performance Task Force

This page was last updated October 01, 2018

Clyde MacLellan, FCPA,  FCA 
Office of the Auditor General, Government of Canada
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Tim Beauchamp, CPA,  CMA
Mississauga, ON, Canada
Peter DeVries
Sharbot Lake, ON, Canada
Paula Jesty, CPA,  CA
Deloitte & Touche LLP
North York, ON, Canada
Bradley Klaiber, CPA,  CA
Calgary, AB, Canada
Merwan Saher, FCPA,  FCA
Office of the Auditor General of Alberta
Cynthia Veinot, FCPA,  FCA,  CMA
Treasury Board Secretariat, Ontario
Toronto, ON, Canada
Cheryl Wenezenki-Yolland, FCPA,  FCMA
Nickie Young, FCPA,  FCA
Saint Mary’s University
Halifax, NS, Canada
Staff Contact
Antonella Risi, CPA,  CA

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada
Toronto, ON, Canada


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Co-Chairs Co-Chairs
Vice Chair Vice Chair