FYI Article – IASB Investor Initiatives

July 2014

Investor Perspectives

Members of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) regularly provide their perspectives on new IASB accounting proposals. These are written in an easily understandable manner by IASB members who are themselves users of financial statements in the form of the publication, Investor Perspectives.

Two recent examples of this are:

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Investor Alerts

The IASB’s Investor Education team develops educational publications and webcasts to assist investors with keeping up to date on the IASB’s activities.

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Investor Updates

To complement the IASB’s investor alerts, the IASB recently announced the issue of its Investor Update, a newsletter for the investment community. This newsletter aims to make it easy for investors to keep up to speed on changes in the world of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) and how those changes may affect an investor’s day job.

Each issue profiles the effect that recently introduced standards may have on an investor’s analysis of a company’s performance. The IASB will highlight changes that are in the pipeline and signal how they might alter the way in which investors look at companies. The IASB will also flag when and how investors can best share their thoughts on the direction the IASB is taking.

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More Information

To learn more about the IASB member Investor Perspectives, the IASB’s Investor Update, or the IASB’s communications activities in general, email Barbara Davidson, Principal, Investor Liaison, IASB at


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