Upcoming IFRS Discussion Group Meeting

Meetings are open to the public and recorded, but portions may be held in camera at the discretion of the Chair.

Date: November 29, 2016 – 9:00 am to 1:30 pm
Location: Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada
Ontario Room (9th Floor)
277 Wellington Street West
Toronto, ON  M5V 3H2
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The topics the IFRS Discussion Group plans to consider, in addition to routine updates, are outlined below. Although current at the date prepared (October 25, 2016), this agenda is subject to change. The topics presented below may be discussed by the Group in a different order.

IAS 8 and IAS 12: Change in Tax Rate for Indefinite Life Intangible Assets

  • Discuss whether a change in tax rate for measuring deferred tax related to indefinite life intangible assets would be accounted for as a change in accounting policy or a change in estimate.

IAS 21: Source of Exchange Rates

  • Consider the effects of the upcoming changes to published Bank of Canada foreign exchange rates and discuss alternative sources that entities could use.  

IFRS 16:  Transition

  • Consider the implications of adopting IFRS 16 Leases, including the practical expedients available.  

Update on Implementation Support

  • Consider the resources available to assist with implementing recently issued IFRS standards. 

IFRS 9:  Non-viability Contingent Conversion Feature

  • Consider a financial instrument with a non-viability contingent conversion feature and whether the holder is allowed to make an irrevocable election to present fair value changes in other comprehensive income.

Settlement of a Shareholder Loan

  • Consider whether the gain or loss from the settlement of a shareholder loan should be recognized in profit or loss or treated as a capital transaction and recognized in equity. 

IAS 16:  Capitalization of Costs

  • Consider the IASB’s recent tentative decision to amend IAS 16 Property, Plant and Equipment and discuss how to best move forward with raising the issue of when an asset is capable of operating in the manner intended by management.  


Davina Tam, CPA, CA
Principal, Accounting Standards Board
Phone: +1 (416) 204-3514
Email: dtam@cpacanada.ca