About the IFRS® Discussion Group

The Accounting Standards Board (AcSB) established the IFRS® Discussion Group in November 2009 to implement and maintain a regular public forum to discuss issues that arise in Canada when applying IFRS Standards.  

The Group discusses issues arising in this forum to:

  • raise awareness in Canada of issues arising from the application of IFRS Standards as issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB); and
  • when appropriate, make recommendations to the AcSB to refer particular issues to the IASB or IFRS Interpretations Committee.

In November 2016, the AcSB expanded the IFRS Discussion Group’s mandate to include assisting the Board in influencing the development of IFRS Standards (for example, providing advice on potential changes to IFRS Standards).

Members and Participants

The Group consists of:

  • a Chair, who is a member of the AcSB; 
  • a Vice-Chair; and
  • 15 to 20 other members with a range of backgrounds and experience, including preparers, users and auditors of financial reports prepared in accordance with IFRS Standards. 

Members are generally appointed for a three-year term, renewable once. View current IFRS Discussion Group members

In addition to members, the AcSB’s Chair and Director, Accounting Standards, attend the Group’s meetings. Several other individuals participate in the meetings, including:

  • Representatives of the Canadian Securities Administrators:
    • Carla-Marie Hait – British Columbia Securities Commission
    • Cameron McInnis – Ontario Securities Commission
  • Canadians who serve on IASB® committees:
    • Reinhard Dotzlaw – Member, IFRS Interpretations Committee

Others may be invited to participate in meetings on an ad hoc basis to contribute to discussions on particular issues. An individual who submits an issue can participate in the Group’s discussion of that issue.


The Group normally meets three times a year. Discussions regarding issues arising from the application of IFRS Standards are held in public and conducted in English.  Audio webcasts of the Group’s discussion for each agenda topic are generally available online the week following the meeting. A report on the public meeting will be made available after each meeting.

Discussions of the Group to provide advice to the AcSB on potential changes to IFRS Standards are generally held in private. 

For upcoming meetings, visit the AcSB calendar.


To obtain more information about the IFRS Discussion Group, or communicate issues, contact:

Davina Tam, CPA, CA
Principal, Accounting Standards Board
Phone: +1 (416) 204-3514
Email: dtam@acsbcanada.ca