Page 6 - Accounting Standards Oversight Council Annual Report 2014-2015
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4 AcSOC Annual Report 2014-2015


AcSOC members are selected to ensure the Council reflects a cross-section of backgrounds
and points of view, including:
• business;
• finance;
• government;
• academia;
• the accounting and legal professions;
• regulators;
• not-for-profits; and
• financial analyst communities.

Its diverse membership enables AcSOC to bring a broad perspective to the issues facing the
AcSB and PSAB.

Stakeholder Surveys

As part of its mandate to evaluate the performance of the Boards, AcSOC regularly requests
the AcSB and PSAB to survey relevant stakeholder groups to gather information about their
perceptions of the Boards’ performances. The Council is also responsible for publicly reporting
once a year on the performance of the two standard-setting Boards it oversees.


The Financial Reporting and Assurance Standards (FRAS) Canada website — www.frascanada.
ca — provides visitors with AcSOC’s annual reports, meeting reports, member lists, terms of
reference, and other related materials and contact information.
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