AcSOC – Guidelines for Livestream Observers

1. Although we try to accommodate all public observers at meetings of the Accounting Standards Oversight Council (AcSOC), the number of observers able to register for the livestream may be limited. Accordingly, we cannot guarantee that all those wishing to observe the livestreamed proceedings will be able to do so. Observers wishing to observe the meeting via livestream should complete the AcSOC Livestream Observer Registration Form well in advance of the meeting. Observers should advise AcSOC if they subsequently find they cannot attend, so that their places can be given to others.
2. AcSOC's agendas are divided into items that are discussed in private (generally dealing with administrative or personnel matters) and those that are open to the public. The Chair may determine that part of a meeting may be closed to public observation – in person and through livestream – for an agenda item that does not deal with administrative or personnel matters if the item involves a matter or material that AcSOC has agreed to receive on a confidential basis. The Chair may direct that a meeting in session be cleared of public observers, temporarily or permanently, whenever the Chair determines that a discussion, during the meeting or any portion open to public observation, is likely to result in disclosure of matters that are normally dealt with in private.
3. The meeting agenda and timetable, and the extent, if any, to which the meeting is to be closed to public observation, will be posted in advance of the meeting on The Chair may, at his or her discretion, determine to close a meeting previously announced as being open in whole or in part, or to open a meeting previously announced as being closed. Significant changes to meeting arrangements will be publicly announced if and as practicable. Observers are encouraged to check the meeting agenda shortly before the meeting for last minute changes. Those planning to attend a meeting may wish to contact AcSOC's Secretary during normal business hours for information. The Chair may adjourn any meeting in whole or in part to reconvene at another time, date, or place by an announcement at the meeting. AcSOC does not accept any responsibility for losses or inconvenience caused by changes to timing or difficulties in accommodating members of the public.
4. AcSOC documents and agenda item support material will not be provided to observers. Summaries or slide presentations may be available at the meeting, or posted on
5. Observers are not permitted to participate in discussions at the meetings; the livestream is not interactive.
6. Observers are also not permitted to make an audio or video recording of the meeting. (without the consent of the Chair).