Page 3 - Accounting Standards Board Annual Report For the Year Ended March 31, 2015
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Message from the Chair

I am pleased to share that this year has been a very successful
year for reaching out, engaging stakeholders and “hearing
stakeholders’ perspectives”.
Accountability to stakeholders is one of three cornerstones of
the AcSB vision in serving the public interest. The others are
maintaining high-quality accounting standards and contributing
to global best practices.
When I took on the role of Chair, I made consultation my
personal mission. The Board not only increased its cross-country
consultations, we also strengthened face-to-face liaison with a larger number of key
stakeholder organizations and contacts.
One aspect of the AcSB’s operations for which consultation figures largely is our strategic
planning process.

A New Five-year Outlook

We held 40 roundtables across Canada, discussing key issues and hearing from approximately
360 stakeholders. Thus, we delivered on our promise to hear stakeholders’ perspectives. Your
views were considered when drafting our proposed 2016-2021 strategic plan.
The Invitation to Comment is open until September 17, 2015. In it, we have captured the key
issues identified by stakeholders for each category of reporting entity: publicly accountable
enterprises, private enterprises, not-for-profit organizations and pension plans. For each
issue, we describe what we heard, the alternatives we considered and, finally, our proposals.
We want to hear your reactions to the draft before finalizing the strategic plan.
The AcSB achieved the key objectives of its 2014-2015 Annual Plan. Major accomplishments
during the year included:
• significantly increasing accessibility of the AcSB to stakeholders;
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