Accounting Standards Board
Agenda for November 12-13, 2018 Meeting

The topics the Accounting Standards Board (AcSB) plans to discuss, in addition to routine updates, and anticipated actions, if any, are outlined below. Although current at the date prepared (October 23, 2018), this agenda is subject to change.

IFRS® Standards

Financial Instruments with the Characteristics of Equity

Insurance Contracts

  • Receive an update on IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts implementation issues.

IFRS® Discussion Group

  • Discuss recommendations from the Group.

CSA proposed National Instrument 51-112

  • Discuss the Board’s response to the CSA’s proposed National Instrument 51-112 Non-GAAP and Other Financial Measures Disclosure.

Standards for Private Enterprises and Not-for-Profit Organizations


  • Discuss examples of transactions involved in combinations to assist in determining the scope of the project.

Financial Statement Concepts

  • Discuss a preliminary project proposal.


  • Consider feedback from the Board's Private Enterprises Advisory Committee.
  • Continue discussions on the project.

Standards for Private Enterprises

Financial Instruments – Hedging

  • Consider feedback from the Board’s Private Enterprise Advisory Committee and the Not-for-Profit Advisory Committee on the scope of the project.

Related Party Transactions

  • Discuss the approach to address stakeholder feedback received on Related Party Transactions.

Standards for Not-for-Profit Organizations

  • Receive feedback on a recent meeting of the Board’s Not-for-Profit Advisory Committee.

Pre-changeover Accounting Standards

  • Consider an analysis of the Basis for Conclusions for accounting standards applied by entities (Part V) before the introduction of separate sets of standards for different categories of entities to decide on next steps.

Enhancing the Relevance of Financial Reporting

Due Process

  • Receive feedback on the recent meetings of the AcSB’s User Advisory Council and Academic Advisory Council.
  • Receive demonstration of the new FRAS Canada website.

AcSB Meeting Schedule

Staff contact:

Harry Klompas, CPA, CA
Secretary, Accounting Standards Board
Phone: +1 (416) 204-3236